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Sassy Victoria

If you are interested in helping our cats but cannot commit to an adoption, please consider our Foster program.

You will provide the foster care in your home at the address at the end of the Agreement. Your foster care will be comprised of the following:

  • Providing daily wholesome cat food and water.
  • Providing a clean litter box for elimination.
  • Provide a warm, safe place inside your home.
  • Administering medications if any.
  • Transporting the cat to the SPCA to see a veterinarian if necessary.
  • Transporting the cat to the SPCA for scheduled vaccinations.
  • Socializing the cat.

The Ulster County SPCA will pay all veterinary treatment costs that may be incurred for the cat during the foster care, provided that we have given you prior approval by telephone for such treatments, except in the event of medical emergency, in which case you will use your best judgment in the matter.  You will give us the receipts from the veterinarian for such care.  You are providing the foster care out of your love for cats, and as a volunteer, at no charge to the SPCA.

NO LIABILITY.  You are not liable to us for any injuries to, illness or disappearance except if such illness or disappearance are caused by or arise out of your gross negligence.  We are not liable for any bodily injury or property damage, caused by the actions, behavior or health of the cat, or arising out of the foster care, except if such damage, losses or injuries are caused by our gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

Vaccination. We represent that the cat is currently vaccinated and wormed as fully as the age and health status of the cat will allow.

Returning the cat. You agree to contact us immediately by phone in the event that you are no longer able or willing to provide foster care for the cat.  You may not entrust the care of the cat to any other person or relocate the cat unless authorized by the UCSPCA first.

Adoption.  In the event that you wish to adopt the cat as a pet for yourself, you must first enter into our adoption agreement.  If a person sees this cat and wants to adopt it, you must bring the cat back to the shelter so it can be released to his or her new permanent home.

Signing the Agreement.  The foster care agreement is a contract between the Ulster County SPCA and you.  Any modification to the agreement must be in writing, signed by both you and us.

For a Foster care agreement, please click here.



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