Dear Friends,

Conventional wisdom suggests that animal shelters are havens for sad-eyed dogs and cats looking for new families… and admittedly the bulk of our ‘clients’ at the Ulster County SPCA fits that stereotype.

We take in dogs, cats and other companion animals from people who have chosen to give up their pets. These animals are forced to leave the homes they know and must adapt to life in a shelter. We give care to stray animals who have intentionally or accidentally wound up on the streets. We rescue pets who have been the victims of neglect and abuse. They are often hungry, scared, confused and damaged either physically, mentally or both.

Although we historically rescue companion animals we also have been called upon to rescue farm animals. All are treated for physical and emotional injuries as best as we are able. All are given a warm place to sleep, regular meals and steady, loving hands to care for them. All are kept safe in this proud No-Kill Facility until permanent homes can be found. This is the untold or unrecognized value of the Ulster County SPCA.Supporters such as you are aware of our non-profit status.
Since we receive no government funding, we survive only on the goodwill from people like you. By extension, our animals survive because of you.

It’s time again for you to consider renewing your annual membership to provide muchneeded funding to your shelter. Your donation will subsidize our low cost spay/neuter efforts while expanding programs such as the vaccination clinics and low cost behavioral training classes. Contributions support our Adoption Center providing care for up to 200 animals in dire need of our help. Donations may subsidize our Humane Law Enforcement efforts (which directly rescued more than 250 animals from abuse in 2013), while growing our Humane Law Division.

With your help, we will make 2014 our most successful year to date!

-Adam Saunders Executive Director



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