Artists for Animals

The Ulster County SPCA continues to chug along with it’s Artists for Animals program! Each month a featured artist displays their work at the shelter and a proceeds of all sales for their work comes back to the animals.

The project started as an effort to merge the animal community with the growing art community in the Hudson Valley and has been very successful since its inception. The UCSPCA works closely with local artists, allowing them to display their work around the shelter for one month. All artwork is up for sale.

The month of September will feature a bevy of local talent referring to themselves as The Esopus Artists. Join us on Thursday, September 7 from 5-7 p.m. for an opening night event.

Below are bios for each artist:

Leila Audinot

Leila Audinot:  I have always been an artist…. I enjoy crafting and creating and for as long as I can remember, art has been my “fidget.”  Two years ago I joined an oil painting landscape class.  It’s great to share creative juices with others.  I enjoy working in oils because of the special effects and qualities you can get by mixing and blending.  Sort of like life.

Marge Bennett

Marge Bennett:  I have lived in Ulster County for most of my life.  As a “bucket list” item, I decided to try my hand at oil painting and signed up for a basic oil painting class at our local library, taught by Loman Eng – the rest is history.  I have participated in three Art Exhibits held at the Duck Pond Gallery, located at the Town of Esopus Library in Port Ewen, NY.

Marcy Goulart

Marcy Goulart:  One of the biggest joys of retirement – Just opening a paint box makes my heart SOAR.  Don’t be afraid to be a kid….. AGAIN!!


Sharon Hyers

Sharon HyersI love ART and work mostly in oils. I am a member of the Esopus Artists, Wallkill River School of Art, and the Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters. Some places that I have exhibited are: Brotherhood Winery, Trotter Hall of Fame, Duck Pond Gallery and St Mary’s, Tuxedo Park.  I also enjoy gardening, piano, sewing, trips with my husband, and of course, Essie, our little rescue cat.

Anne O’Neill

Anne O’Neill:  After a lapse of many years, I wanted to get back to doing artwork.  I’ve worked in watercolor and oil and I am now concentrating mainly on oils.  Most of my subjects are landscapes and waterscapes.  I’ve enjoyed being part of the Esopus Artist Group at the Port Ewen Library, begun by our mentor, Loman Eng.

Jack Ostmark

Jack Ostmark:  After retiring from the New York State Police, my interests turned to water colors and oil painting.  Under the mentorship of Loman Eng and The Esopus Artists’ Group, that interest has narrowed down to oil painting, especially painting birds.

Pam SvirblyI am mostly a self-taught artist who enjoys water color and oil painting as my favorite mediums. I currently paint from nature and enjoy the challenge of capturing wildlife or landscapes with either medium. They provide a constant source of inspiration to me.  Living in the beautiful Hudson Valley ensures that there is always something new for me to paint regardless of the season.

Ruth Palmer: Ruth “Rudi” Palmer  has been painting off and on for years. In her words: Life often causes interruptions with painting pursuits. So thankful that master painter Loman Eng suggested I study and copy the landscape paintings of Isaac Levitan. “The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them,” Anton Chekhov, Levitan’s close friend.

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