Humane Education

 The Ulster County SPCA offers a free year-round Humane Education program to people of all ages, including school, civic and community groups.  These informative and engaging programs instill a sense of responsibility to help make the world a better place.  We can fit the needs of any individual audience.

Please consider having someone visit your group soon! To make an appointment, please e-mail, or call the shelter at 845-331-5377.



As an animal welfare organization, the Ulster County SPCA chooses to acknowledge and respect that individuals come from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of education as it pertains to pet care and training; therefore, we aim to accept each student/animal where he or she is, without judgment. UCSPCA’s commitment is to educate individuals on better ways to communicate with and care for their pets thereby fostering a greater bond between animal and human. By creating more humane communities, we can break the cycle of pet surrenders, neglect and abuse.

UCSPCA seeks to reach out to under served communities to provide education and partnerships. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 1/6 of individuals live below poverty line with an annual income of $22k (for a 4 person family). Therefore many pet owners do not have the means to afford training. However, people will continue to acquire pets with or without the means for training or proper veterinary care. Training intervention and Pet Care Education can prevent a majority of pet surrenders.

All members, volunteers and fosters of UCSPCA are expected to promote and demonstrate positive training methods to emphasize teamwork, recognition, patience, understanding, compassion and create trust between the handler and pet.

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