Cats: $50; Kittens: $85. Call 845-331-5377 x218
Dogs: $175; Puppies $275. Call 845-331-5377 x213
Small Animals; $25. Call 845-331-5377 x218

Download Our Application:

Our application process requires all pets in the home to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered unless medical documentation as to why they cannot be is provided. Part of the reason we are here is because of pet overpopulation and we are committed to preventing more litters. All members of the family should be included in the adoption process. Dog introductions are provided at the shelter.

1014367_10201346833776324_278530411_n-1OUR GOAL 

 Our goal is to assist the adopter in choosing a pet that best fits their lifestyle, wants and needs. Adoption applications are not necessarily approved on a first come, first served basis. Our goal is to find the right family for the right animal, and the right animal for the right family. Therefore, we reserve the right to approve applications that appear to be the best fit for both the adopter and the adoptee. We understand that our standards may not be in agreement with others, but this has proven to be in the best interest for both our animals and adopter. 

  • Visit the shelter at 20 Wiedy Rd, Kingston. Visitors can stroll through our puppy room, cattery, and kennels. Read the cage cards located on each cage or kennel or ask a kennel attendant for assistance.
  • If you find an animal you are interested in and have read the information about the animal, please complete an adoption application either by downloading it online prior to visiting our shelter or obtaining an application at our front desk. Completed applications are required prior to a meet and greet with your future pet.
  • We ask that all family members be present during your first counsel session, this will alleviate unnecessary wait times for both you and your family and allow the pet to leave our facility quicker. This frees up much needed kennel space for other pets.
  • To ensure that UCSPCA animals and adopters are properly matched, we ask that you complete our adoption application comprised of critical questions in any adoption process before proceeding to a meet and greet. Animals at UCSPCA are homeless and for that reason, extra care is taken to ensure animals are placed in the best environments possible.
  • Spend some time interacting with the animal outside their kennel. Ask questions. Be sure this is the right animal for you. You will be interviewed by a UCSPCA adoption counselor. In some cases, an adoption may not be approved based on best interest of the human or pet.
  • After an approved interview, if you would like to bring your pet home a valid picture ID is required and all household members and animals must visit with the animal before the adoption can be finalized.
  • All animals adopted from UCSPCA will be spayed or neutered before being allowed to go home.

Available Pets – Petango!

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