Open Tuesday – Sunday: 11:30AM to 3:30PM
Open Thursday until 7:00PM
Closed Monday

The Ulster County SPCA is a proud No-Kill facility that has been serving Ulster County since 1891.

We facilitate the adoption of animals that have been brought to our doors from many walks of life, whether the product of a Humane Law investigation, or a surrender by an owner who can no longer provide care. We treat each animal life the same, working tirelessly to find a quality home. No wait is too long, and animals are never euthanized at our facility. Our determination to provide a quality home for each animal recently led us to start a Foster Program.

Our spay/neuter clinic provides an important service for the region, allowing for low-cost sterilizations and vaccinations. The clinic is determined to help control the feral cat population in Ulster County, helping to reduce feline disease and starvation in the process; in 2013, the clinic sterilized over 2,100 cats under Project Feral, a reduced-fee program for the public that traps, neuters and returns feral cats to their habitat.

Our Humane Law division saves hundreds of animals each year, whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, or bunnies; no life is too small, too large, or too insignificant for the attention of our Humane Law team.

Providing animal welfare services doesn’t start there however; it begins with Humane Education, where children are taught to appreciate and properly care for animals. We provide educational services regarding animal welfare to schools and youth groups in the region.

We also provide Dog Training classes to dogs that have been adopted from our shelter, and to the general public. Whether its puppy or adult dogs, we can help you have a lifelong, positive relationship with your dog. Individual classes are also offered for more challenging dogs.

The litany of services we provide could not be accomplished without the gracious support of our volunteer supporters, a team of over 200 dedicated people who walk dogs, clean up after cats, and attend fundraising events (to name but a few tasks). With so many younger contributors, in 2014 we started a Youth Volunteer Program.

Last but not least, helping to raise funding for the animals in our care, is Happy Paws Thrift Store in Saugerties. Antiques, art, books and clothing are all sold here on behalf of the UCSPCA.


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