A Thanksgiving Visit

The Ulster County SPCA would like to give thanks this year for a Turkey Day visit from actress Andie MacDowell! In Kingston to film the upcoming movie “Love After Love,” MacDowell took time out of her schedule on Thanksgiving to pitch in at the shelter.

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Andie & ReeseAndie & cats


We would like to extend a big Thank You to the Sawyer Automotive Foundation for their generous donation of $5,000 to the Ulster County SPCA. Sawyer Donation
Sawyer Automotive donated an incredible $30,500 to 10 local charities. This money was raised at the 12th Annual Sawyer Motors Car Show. For their support of the Ulster County SPCA and these other local charities, we thank you!!

Pictured are Ulster County SPCA President Cindy Caporale, Robert Siracusano of Sawyer Motors, and UCSPCA Board Member Jill Schintone.

Take Jess to Work at the UCSPCA!

As the winner of Take Jess to Work, the shelter was recently graced with the presence of 94.3/97.3 The Wolf morning show co-host Jess. She came to work with us for the morning and had a great experience, which she shares below. Thanks Jess!

I had so much fun last Friday for Take Jess to Work! The fine folks over at the Ulster County SPCA sent in an email requesting me to come out and help walk their dogs, feed their cats and check out the rabbits. I couldn’t turn down an opportunity like that!

groupJenn in the Marketing Department put me right to work on Friday. They set me up in Cat room. I came just in time to give them all breakfast. Now, usually I’m not a cat person, but these guys were great and super friendly.

Afterwards I took a tour of the facility. I got to take a look at the Kennels and back offices. Again, Jenn got me right in there getting down and dirty cleaning out a kennel. I was told this is a daily process for each one of their dog kennels, which is great because it’s giving the dog a clean comfortable environment to live in before they are adopted.

While on the tour, I saw how they keep track of which dogs are walked and who needs special attention. Cat-feedingThe Ulster County SPCA also has a ton of events going on withing the next couple months including Cookout For a Cause on May 23rd and 24th at Verizon Wireless Cellular Sales (338 Rt 212) in Saugerties. The Cookout is to raise money for the Ulster County SPCA building expansion. It’s a great cause that will give the wonderful staff at the Ulster County SPCA more space to house rescues, Jenn told me on Friday that they are at capacity making it difficult to house anymore rescued animals.

Thank you again to everyone at the Ulster County SPCA . They rely on local funding and volunteering to keep the organization moving. So if you can find the time make sure to stop by their Cookout for A Cause on May 23rd &24th and check out their website http://www.ucspca.org/.

Ulster County SPCA Aims to Expand

The Ulster County SPCA needs funds to expand. The non-profit organization provides temporary shelter for animals and works to find them adoptive homes. Time Warner Cable News reporter Candace Dunkley explains.

TOWN OF ULSTER, N.Y. —  Inside the Ulster County SPCA is a place where all animals are special, animals like Squirtle.

Squirtle story“The adoption didn’t work out and she was brought back to us because the adopters weren’t ready for a new puppy. Now she is back with us and she is ready for a loving home,” said Ulster County SPCA Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Geuss.

Squirtle is one of about 40 dogs housed at the Ulster County SPCA they also house about 100 cats.

Space is limited and workers are forced to get creative.

“Un-orthodox situations, so we’ve got dogs in offices, we’ve got our dog kitchen and we have a dog living in there currently. Ideally we would not have them in spaces like this they would have their own kennels and their own rooms,” said office manager Robert Miraldi.

Employees make it their mission to try to find each animal an adoptive home. The SPCA wants to increase dog adoptions by 30 percent and to do that they need space for about 25 more dogs. They are trying to raise about $150,000 in order to expand.

“More kennels allows us obviously to keep more dogs on the premises but it also allows for more interactions with possible adopters. People have more opportunities to go in the rooms with the dogs, they see them in their natural habitat and they get to know the dog before bringing it home,” said Miraldi.

A home that employees said every dog deserves.

“Everybody here is very attentive to every single one of our dogs, and Squirtle definitely deserves a good home because she’s a cutie,” said Geuss.

If you would like to donate make your check out to: Ulster County SPCA and mail it to 20 Wiedy Road Kingston, N.Y., 12401 or you can also donate online.

Ulster County legislator, New Paltz cable access chief team up to encourage dog adoptions from SPCA

Nov. 20, 2014

Patricia Doxsey, Daily Freeman

TOWN OF ULSTER >> An unabashed dog lover, Ken Wishnick found himself becoming upset every time he saw a television commerical depicting abandoned, abused animals left to languish unloved in a shelter.

But the Ulster County legislator and owner of a rescue dog of his own didn’t want to just send a check.

“I decided I wanted to do something,” said Wishnick. “I wanted to help dogs that are abused or abandoned find good homes.”

A few months ago, the New Paltz resident teamed up with Bob Fagan, the owner of USIA Video and the public access director for New Paltz, to create a show featuring the dogs of the Ulster County SPCA waiting for their “forever homes.”

Called “Rescue Me,” the-half-hour segment, filmed monthly at the Weidy Road shelter off Sawkill Road in the town of Ulster, features four dogs available for adoption at the SPCA, and offers tips from veterinarians, a dog trainer, and others about animal care.

A segment in October featured Nathan, a two-year-old pit bull terrier, Mary Jane, a seven-year-old beagle, Earth, a three-month old mixed breed puppy, and Dutchess, a nearly three-year-old Mastiff.

The segment also featured a piece on canine dental care and dog walking.

“It’s very positive, it allows us to showcase our animals in a form that their not usually seen,” said Adam Saunders, executive director of the Ulster County SPCA.

As a result of the October showing, Mary Jane and Earth were both adopted, shelter officials said.

In fact, since the first show, 12 of the 16 dogs featured have found their forever homes.

Nathan and Dutchess were among 12 dogs recently available for adoption.

As of October, the shelter was housing another 50 or 60 dogs that were either waiting to be cleared by a veterinarian for adoption or were being held pending humane law enforcement proceedings against their owners.

“Rescue Me,” is aired multiple times each month on New Paltz public access television as well as other public access stations throughout Ulster County.

Additionally, the segments can be viewed online at saveadog.info.