A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

There’s an old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s something I experienced as a child, being exposed to my mother’s large family, all of whom contributed to care for my brother and me, and all of our cousins. It’s something I’ve experienced as a parent as well, as my own children grow and learn from friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents and step parents. This same logic applies to our own UCSPCA.

In one sense, the animals in the shelter and those in the community that need help are like children: saved, rehabilitated and rehomed thanks to contributions along the way from good Samaritans in the community, to medical personnel, to animal care staff and volunteers. Every tail wag or purr is the payoff for an enormous investment of time, energy and compassion pouring out of dozens of amazing individuals.

Something that is less obvious, something else that needs nurturing as well, is the shelter itself or the Cause it represents. There is an idea built into the very mortar of this building, the idea that all animals deserve respect and humane treatment when they cross our paths as humans. This idea is supported by the example set by our people, and those people collectively form the beating heart of the Cause. However, that Cause is fed through financial contributions that keep our lights on, our furnace warm, our shelves stocked and our animal’s bellies full.

Our dogs, our cats, and our farm animals need these walls. Our Cause needs these walls in which they can all thrive. I urge you all to consider an annual or monthly membership contribution. There is a form in this letter. Help ensure that this place never goes dark and that our voice never goes silent, for ours is the loudest voice that Ulster County’s neglected and forgotten animals have.

Adam Saunders

Executive Director
Ulster County SPCA

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